FalseGuide malware dupes 600,000 Android users into joining botnet

Pokémon Go players may have unknowingly downloaded malware…
April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Machine learning and math can’t trump smart attackers

When you’ve been fighting black-hat hackers for decades,…
April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Cisco's Jasper unit aims to extend from IoT management to smartphones, tablets

special feature

Securing Your Mobile Enterprise
Mobile devices…
April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Pawn Storm targets fresh victims to sway public political opinion

Trend Micro
Hacktivist operation Pawn Storm is actively attacking…
April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Promise Technology unveil new high-performance storage devices

Promise Technology has unveiled a portable Thunderbolt 3 RAID…
April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

ONUG gets closer to making SD-WANs talk to each other

A group of networking engineers and vendors is making progress…
April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

French presidential candidate Macron targeted by hackers, cyber firm says – CNN

Breaking News


April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

What to ask when selecting application security solutions

There are many factors to consider when making an application…
April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

How CISOs find their perfect job

It’s a good time to be a CISO. In a market where analysts…
April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Trump’s promise on cybersecurity: what’s been happening?

by Bill Brenner

As US President Donald Trump closes in on…
April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Hard Target: Fileless Malware

The future of client-side malware attacks is fileless. And it…
April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

In Illinois, a unique effort to protect the grid from hackers – Midwest Energy News

State regulators in Illinois are staking out a unique foothold…
April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

NSA techies launch data governance tool for future algorithm-slavery

Immuta debuts Projects for machine learning governance, 'interpretability…
April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Cory Doctorow's Walkaway: hardware hackers face the climate apocalypse – Ars Technica

Enlarge / Let it burn: the cover of Cory Doctorow's Walkaway,…
April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Original XPan Ransomware Returns, Targets Brazilian SMBs

Brazilian cybercriminals are using the original version of the…
April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Apple threatened to oust Uber from App Store for ‘fingerprinting’ iPhones

by John E Dunn

Swarmed by bad press and unkind hashtags, has…
April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

N-day Nvidia, Android driver security flaw details revealed

The technical details of security vulnerabilities impacting…
April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Hajime, the mysterious evolving botnet

Hajime (meaning ‘beginning’ in Japanese)…
April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Pawn Storm Abuses Open Authentication in Advanced Social Engineering Attacks

Pawn Storm is an active and aggressive espionage actor group…
April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Wiring a home network from the ground-up with Ubiquiti

The title of this blog post is what many of us techie folks dream…
April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Singapore, Japan, Korea among least prepared for new EU data laws

More than half of businesses in Singapore, Japan, and South Korea…
April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Apple delays release its 'Carpool Karaoke' series – CNET

April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Icky wax worms could offer solution biodegrading plastic bags – CNET

Wax worms could hold the key to our plastic problem.
April 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Russian hackers targeted Macron campaign: cybersecurity group

April 25, 2017 - 15:38 AMTPanARMENIAN.Net - French presidential…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Russian hackers may have targeted Emmanuel Macron: Cyber security firm

Home > News > Russian hackers may have targeted Emmanuel…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Cardiff University will host a cyber security centre of excellence

Cardiff University is to open a new cyber security centre to…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Car hacking’s dynamic duo offers to save others $1m in research

Miller and Valasek spread the word on hacking archive
Two famed…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

HipChat SlipChat lets hackers RipChat

They're going to get plenty of LipChat
IRC-for-biz HipChat says…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

NBlog April 21 – ISO27k meeting progress report

ISO/IEC TR 27019 concerns Information security management…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

NBlog April 22 – ISO27k meeting report

A plenary concluded the main business of the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC27…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

NBlog April 22 – ISO/IEC 27003 ISMS implementation guide published

The new version is a significant improvement on the 2010…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Cyber Security Market Report 2017 Receives a Rapid Boost in Economy due to High Emerging Demands

Global Cyber Security Market – OverviewCyber Security…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Who Owns Your Cloud Security Stack?

Sometimes I kick off a client conversation by asking, “What…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

2017 State Of Cloud Adoption And Security

Hybrid cloud adoption grew 3X in the last year, increasing from…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Earth Day: Fighting Climate Change With Cybersecurity

One of the biggest challenges of our time is climate change.…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

U.S. Tech Sector Employment Rises 2.7% in 2016 to 6.9M Workers

The number of technology workers in U.S. tech sector jobs rose…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Protecting Belize’s Cyber Security Infrastructure

Apr 24, 2017

The first of its kind National Cyber Security Symposium…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Macron Targeted by Russian Cyber Spies

France's leading presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron's campaign…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

A Closer Look at CIA-Linked Malware as Search for Rogue Insider Begins

Symantec researcher explains the goals behind CIA-linked hacking…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Got one of these 20+ Linksys Smart Wi-Fi routers? Bad news. 10 security vulnerabilities discovered

Linksys is working on a firmware update for 10 security vulnerabilities…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

IoT is the glue holding our smart cities together

INDUSTRY INSIGHTIoT is the glue holding our smart cities together
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

NSA’s DoublePulsar Kernel Exploit In Use Internet-Wide

If you’re on a red team or have been on the receiving end…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

DHS preps Cyber Incident Data Repository

DHS preps Cyber Incident Data RepositoryBy Matt Leonard
Apr 24,…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

GSA launches virtual assistant pilot

GSA launches virtual assistant pilotBy Susan Miller
Apr 24, 2017
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

What is the Data Protection Directive? The Predecessor to the GDPR

Learn about the EU's Data Protection Directive in Data Protection…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Biz Blog | LexisNexis®

Crisis management is the kind of PR skill where companies…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot


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April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

News in brief: Russia accused of email hack; test flight for ‘flying taxi’; hacking ‘moral crusade’ for teens

by Kate Bevan

Your daily round-up of some of the other stories…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

The iPhone Model's Impending Obsolescence

It is easy to look back on technology changes and see that we…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Just a Pair of These $11 Radio Gadgets Can Steal a Car

For years, automakers and hackers have known about a clever attack…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

The Backstory Behind Carder Kingpin Roman Seleznev’s Record 27 Year Prison Sentence

Roman Seleznev, a 32-year-old Russian cybercriminal and…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

4 steps to managing shadow IT

Shadow IT is on the rise. More than 80 percent of employees report…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Businesses falling short when it comes to cybersecurity, says Government report

A "sizable proportion" of businesses have still not put in place…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Texas A&M research team suggests how to defend against collective attention threats

Image: iStockphoto.com/SergeyIT

Dr. James Caverlee, an associate…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Recapping #TheSAS2017 in 10 tweets

If you’ve been following along on our blogs or our social…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

IT Engineer Stole Source Code to Verify Acquisition

Zhengquan Zhang admitted to installing malware on his employer's…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Migrate AD Users from Child Domain to Parent Domain Using ADMT v3.2

Companies are often sold and merged. Sometimes employees are…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Learn All About Windows 10 Device Guard on the Microsoft Virtual Academy

Windows 10 introduces several security related features to help…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Online shoppers are losing trust in e-commerce, study finds

Image: iStockphoto/grapestock
Users are losing trust in the internet,…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Public Workshop – Cybersecurity of Medical Devices: A Regulatory Science Gap Analysis, May 18-19, 2017

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in association with National…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Is Application Centric Infrastructure for You?

Who doesn’t want a little extra flexibility and cost savings…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Is the cyberworld doomed to be unsafe forever?

Before seeking an answer, let’s question the question.
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

China Hacked South Korea Over Missile Defense

Chinese state-backed hackers have recently targeted South Korean…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

BrickerBot author claims two million bricked IoT devices

The author of BrickerBot, the malware designed to infect and…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Startup Security Weekly #36 – A Mousetrap Will Do

Download Audio
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

XPan, I am your father

While we have previously written on the now infamous XPan ransomware…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Will Congress Help Fund New State and Local Cyber Programs?

For the past several years, survey after survey of state and…
April 23, 2017/by infosechotspot

Analytics, AI and Orchestration are Top New Security Topics

I’m often asked what I like best about my job. One of my…
April 23, 2017/by infosechotspot

Robots in the cloud: How robotics-as-a-service can help your business

Anyone who's familiar with cloud computing might know about software-as-a-service,…
April 18, 2017/by infosechotspot

Arrest of Russian national in Spain NOT linked to US election hacking

The arrest of Pyotr Levashov, the St Petersburg-based Russian…
April 11, 2017/by infosechotspot

Incident Response as “Hand-to-Hand Combat”

NSA Deputy Director Richard Ledgett described a 2014 Russian…
April 7, 2017/by infosechotspot

Friday Squid Blogging: Squid from Utensils

MarkH • March 25, 2017 8:15 AM
Authoritarian Attitudes Threaten…
March 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Holy handsets, Batman! Gresso's take on the Nokia 3310 costs $3,000 – CNET

March 3, 2017/by infosechotspot

Instant messenger Line working on a virtual assistant to topple Alexa – CNET

Enlarge Image
March 3, 2017/by infosechotspot

VRP news from Nullcon

March 2, 2017/by infosechotspot

Over 800,000 user account details stolen from vulnerable forums running vBulletin

If you’re a member of an online forum, there’s a…
February 28, 2017/by infosechotspot

Prison for former sysadmin who hacked industrial facility and caused a million dollars worth of damage.

Are you a sysadmin who left your last job under a cloud?
My advice…
February 21, 2017/by infosechotspot

Ex-NSA Contractor Facing Up to 200 Years in Prison

Harold Thomas Martin spent two decades amassing 50 terabytes…
February 16, 2017/by infosechotspot

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is ready for launch – Roadshow

The latest teaser discusses torque multiplication, which will…
February 16, 2017/by infosechotspot

Infocon: green

Microsoft February Patch Tuesday Now Rolled into March Updat…
February 16, 2017/by infosechotspot

Culture Hacker: How to Herd CATTs and Inspire Rebels to Change the World

In preparation for her keynote session at AppSec EU 2017 in Belfast,…
February 15, 2017/by infosechotspot