AT&T beats Q2 earnings expectations

AT&T reported its second quarter financial results Tuesday,…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Is a ransomware infection always a data breach? Yes.

FedEx’s disclosure of a material impact from NotPetya…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Top tips to improve IoT smart home security

Firewall policies lets you view and modify access rules and enables…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

What you can expect from Android O

The next version of Android, still just named "O" for now, is…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

G Suite security misconfigurations leave sensitive data exposed

Security researchers found hundreds of Google Groups with misconfigured…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Nokia moves back toward consumers to reclaim an iconic brand

(Image: HMD Global)

When Nokia sold off its ailing handset…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

IDG Contributor Network: A C-level view of SD-WAN

If you ask a group of 10 people what SD-WAN is, there’s…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Radical innovation could reduce data density by 50%

The traditional approaches to data storage reduction aren’t…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra third public betas available for download

Two weeks following the release of the second crop of public…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Adobe Plans to Stop Distributing Flash Service at End of 2020

(Bloomberg) -- Adobe Systems Inc.’s Flash service…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Video: This one fact about cybersecurity could save your company money

Video: This one fact about cybersecurity could save your company…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Navy turns to unmanned systems to map the ocean

Navy turns to unmanned systems to map the oceanBy Stephanie Kanowitz
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

IDG Contributor Network: Making smart cities a smarter way

Almost everywhere I travel these days I hear someone talking…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

News in brief: finally, a farewell to Flash; Paint lives on; young cybercriminals sent to rehab

by Kate Bevan

Your daily round-up of some of the other stories…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Amazon's B2B marketplace hits user milestone

what's hot on zdnet

Amazon is boasting a new user milestone…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

DIA, NIH eye the cloud for streamlining processes

DIA, NIH eye the cloud for streamlining processesBy Sara Friedman
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Microsoft Adds AI to HoloLens Silicon

By John P. Mello Jr.Jul 25, 2017 10:22 AM PT
The next version…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Security Needs to Shift Left – and Right

By Suzanne Ciccone

The move to Agile and DevSecOps development…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Is poor document management to blame for public-sector inefficiencies?

INDUSTRY INSIGHTIs poor document management to blame for public-sector…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Non-technology solutions to achieving 20/20 cybersecurity vision – StateScoop (registration)

On the latest edition of StateScoop’s Priorities podcast,…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Academia’s Role in Security Skills Gap Examined

LAS VEGAS—For a long time, there’s been a chorus…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

How to use the OnePlus built-in app locker

Image: Jack Wallen
Did you know that OnePlus devices included…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Alphabet Q2 2017: Enterprise Efforts Pay Off for Google Cloud

Pichai Sundararajan, known as Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google Inc.…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot


Buggy multimedia nightmare won't see President Zuckerberg's inauguration
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Mozilla wants to hear your voice – but should you keep quiet?

by Lisa Vaas

Is voice recognition technology really something…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Netpicks: Everything coming and going on Netflix for August 2017 – CNET

"The Defenders" series will feature popular Marvel heroes (and…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

The enterprise risk management approach to cybersecurity –

CIO Perspective
The enterprise risk management approach to cybersecurity
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

We're Already at Cyberwar (and We're Losing)

By John Zorabedian

Let’s face it – cyberwar is…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

For better machine-based malware analysis, add a slice of LIME

by Bill Brenner

When built right, deep learning models are…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Report: The IT response to WannaCry

Enterprise automation company 1E recently released a report on…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

KL AV for Free. Secure the Whole World Will Be.

Hi folks!
I’ve some fantastic, earth-shattering-saving…
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Waterfront Tech Series targets cybersecurity for next event – Brooklyn

For its second episode, the Waterfront Tech Series is looking…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Novel Attack Tricks Servers to Cache, Expose Personal Data

LAS VEGAS—Researcher Omer Gil has devised a way to trick…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

ALIS in Blunderland: Lockheed says F-35 Block 3F software to be done by year’s end

... which is absolutely not what US gov audit-type folk expect
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

How Women Can Raise Their Profile within the Cybersecurity Industry

Closing the cybersecurity gender gap won't happen overnight,…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Crappy hacker crew fingered for Bundestag snooping operation

CopyKittens persistent but easy to find, monitor and counter
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Fancy Bear C&C servers taken down by Microsoft lawsuit

Cybersecurity isn't always a battle between hackers and IT pros…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Get FREE threat intelligence on hackers and exploits with the Recorded Future Cyber Daily


Graham Cluley Security News is sponsored this…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Using AI to Break Detection Models

Pitting machine learning bots against one another is the new…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Trouble Enforcing Family Tech Rules? Stay on Track with the 4 Cs

Setting and enforcing rules — especially online safety…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Video: ATM hacked in 5 minutes to dispense ‘free money’

Despite Microsoft’s warnings that Windows XP is no longer…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

CowerSnail, from the creators of SambaCry

We recently reported about SambaCry, a new family of Linux Trojans…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

How to Set Office 365 Users Password Expiration Policy to Never Expire

User passwords are expired after a certain number of days. You…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Business should cash in on cyber security 'boom'

Cyber Security Minister Dan Tehan says business needs to cash…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Resource: Massive Free Microsoft eBook Giveaway At Your Fingertips

In what has quickly become an annual tradition, Microsoft's Eric…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Running from Ransomware: A Mobile User’s Guide

From the second my alarm goes off, my day goes 100 miles a minute.…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Social engineering and ransomware

Journalist Kevin Townsend asked my opinion on a report from de…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Black Hat USA 2017 Preview

Mike Mimoso and Tom Spring preview Black Hat, which starts tomorrow…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Lessons from Verizon: Managing Cloud Security for Partners

The recent Verizon breach - data exposed by an insecure Amazon…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Security bug allows hackers to bypass encryption, intercept iCloud Keychain

Password security is vital but way too often neglected. And the…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

IT & OT convergence demands greater cybersecurity

The world’s key industries need to improve their approach…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Malware found lurking behind every app at alternative Android store

ESET researchers recently discovered that, a Turkish…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

No More Ransom: A very productive year

A year ago we announced that together with Europol, Dutch police,…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Company to implant 50 staffers with biochips in first-of-its-kind program in U.S.

The dystopian future imagined by troves of sci-fi writers –…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot


Wondering where you’ll find RSA at Black Hat? Where won’t…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

CopyKittens Exposed by ClearSky and Trend Micro

CopyKittens is a cyberespionage group that ClearSky has been…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

£20 million cybersecurity programme to train teenagers set to launch in UK

Students are being encouraged to sign up to a new cybersecurity…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Spiderman pleads guilty to knocking 900,000 German broadband routers offline

It seems that Spiderman is in a spot of trouble, tangled in a…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

NBlog July 25 – glossary as an awareness tool

By coincidence, two of the professional groups/discussion forums…
July 25, 2017/by infosechotspot

Windows 10

Windows OS 10 Release Branch

Digital Guardian Support

July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

UK govt urges teenagers to apply for cyber security training programme

UK teenagers are being encouraged to register in a cyber security…
July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

18-year-old arrested after reporting dumb bug in public transport e-ticket system

More than 45,000 users have voiced their disapproval on social…
July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Forecasting the Future of Ransomware

There's no question that ransomware is one of the most formidable…
July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

The Inner Workings of Fake News

The moniker of fake news has been utilized in numerous circles…
July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Seven Cyberactions for States after Recent Global Hacking Incidents

Another week, and another round of major hacking stories that…
July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Why Offering Bug Bounties Will Be Widespread, Even in Government

With the worldwide shortage in cybersecurity professionals, more…
July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Book Review: Borderless Behavior Analytics

As we head towards 2020, our cyber defenses must evolve rapidly…
July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Sweden transport agency slips up, leaks top secret data

The director of the agency received a mild rebuke by the Swedish…
July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Biz Blog | LexisNexis®

By Sam Knowles, Founder & MD of Insight Agents, a corporate…
July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot


Stay up to date on the latest CSO Online news

July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

The 5 Technologies We Need to Change the World

I just finished reading an interesting hard science fiction book…
July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Necurs-powered Trickbot trojan begins targeting U.S. banks with webinject capabilities

Before switching to Trickbot, the Necurs botnet had been known…
July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Announcing Updates to Veracode Integrations to Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services, Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio

By Tim Jarrett

We are pleased to announce updates to the Veracode…
July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Join us at Black Hat 2017

Hide your phones, hide your laptops ‘cause they’re…
July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Swinging for the Fences

Did you know only approximately one in 200, or about 0.5%, of…
July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Sweden leaks top-secret military, civilian databases in massive outsourcing blunder

A decision in 2015 to outsource sensitive national data by the…
July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Businesses must be savvy to mobile security threats as app adoption spikes, says DOGFI.SH Mobile

The continued proliferation of mobile applications can only be…
July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Five years later: Have you changed your LinkedIn password yet?

The fallout of data breaches has long lasting effects –…
July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Spring Dragon – Updated Activity

Spring Dragon is a long running APT actor that operates on a…
July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Securities blockchain will raise trust among European SMBs, says IBM

A blockchain solution designed to replace the paper securities…
July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

GDPR confusion is still widespread – but Brexit is no excuse

GDPR awareness is still low among UK businesses and many are…
July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Monetising the IoT is a bigger concern than securing it

A quarter of respondents were excited about the opportunities…
July 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Overwatch's new character is half man, half fist – CNET

Enlarge ImageOver 13 months after its original launch, Overwatch…
July 7, 2017/by infosechotspot

American Fidelity Assurance Trusts McAfee to Secure Entire Network

Making the news because of a security breach is the last kind…
July 6, 2017/by infosechotspot

Four-cylinder a-peel: Line lock comes to 2018 Ford Mustang EcoBoost – Roadshow

[embedded content]

Sure, the Ford Mustang…
June 29, 2017/by infosechotspot

Securing Your Linux System Bit by Bit

As daunting as securing your Linux system might seem, one thing…
June 13, 2017/by infosechotspot

​Optus, LifeJourney launch online cybersecurity experience for students – ZDNet

Optus, in partnership with LifeJourney International, has launched…
May 1, 2017/by infosechotspot

Analyzing Cyber Insurance Policies

Analyzing Cyber Insurance PoliciesThere's a really interesting…
April 26, 2017/by infosechotspot

Public Workshop – Cybersecurity of Medical Devices: A Regulatory Science Gap Analysis, May 18-19, 2017

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in association with National…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

China Hacked South Korea Over Missile Defense

Chinese state-backed hackers have recently targeted South Korean…
April 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Robots in the cloud: How robotics-as-a-service can help your business

Anyone who's familiar with cloud computing might know about software-as-a-service,…
April 18, 2017/by infosechotspot

Arrest of Russian national in Spain NOT linked to US election hacking

The arrest of Pyotr Levashov, the St Petersburg-based Russian…
April 11, 2017/by infosechotspot

Incident Response as “Hand-to-Hand Combat”

NSA Deputy Director Richard Ledgett described a 2014 Russian…
April 7, 2017/by infosechotspot

Friday Squid Blogging: Squid from Utensils

MarkH • March 25, 2017 8:15 AM
Authoritarian Attitudes Threaten…
March 24, 2017/by infosechotspot

Holy handsets, Batman! Gresso's take on the Nokia 3310 costs $3,000 – CNET

March 3, 2017/by infosechotspot

Instant messenger Line working on a virtual assistant to topple Alexa – CNET

Enlarge Image
March 3, 2017/by infosechotspot

VRP news from Nullcon

March 2, 2017/by infosechotspot

Over 800,000 user account details stolen from vulnerable forums running vBulletin

If you’re a member of an online forum, there’s a…
February 28, 2017/by infosechotspot

Prison for former sysadmin who hacked industrial facility and caused a million dollars worth of damage.

Are you a sysadmin who left your last job under a cloud?
My advice…
February 21, 2017/by infosechotspot

Ex-NSA Contractor Facing Up to 200 Years in Prison

Harold Thomas Martin spent two decades amassing 50 terabytes…
February 16, 2017/by infosechotspot
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