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Original Article Here F ictional detective Sherlock Holmes is frequently quoted in forums and blogs related to competitive intelligence (CI). After all, he was obsessed with data. In The Boscombe Valley Mystery, for example, Holmes says, “You know my method. It is founded upon the observation of trifles.” He isn’t… Read More Crisis management is […]


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Original Article Here Newsletters Stay up to date on the latest CSO Online news Top Authors About RSS Feeds Keep up to date effortlessly on the latest technology news, reviews and analyses using our RSS feeds. You can use an RSS newsreader like Feedly, Flipboard or Pulse to get all our latest headlines, or just […]

Android 'design shortcomings' allow for Cloak and Dagger series of attacks

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Original Article Here A series of “vulnerabilities and design shortcomings” in the Android user interface sets the stage for a new class of attacks called “Cloak and Dagger.” Discovered by Chenxiong Qian, Simon P. and Chung, Wenke Lee of Georgia Tech and Yanick Fratantonio of UC Santa Barbara, the issues stem from two Android app […]

Apple developing dedicated AI chip for iPhone, iPad: Report

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Original Article HereCNET/CBS Interactive Apple is developing a dedicated artificial intelligence chip to offload tasks like speech recognition and facial recognition on its mobile devices, according to Bloomberg. The chip internally known as Apple Neural Engine could help improve battery life and overall performance, the report said. Apple is looking to include the chip in […]

Hackers De-activating WannaCry Ransomware Kill Switch – Prepare For A New Attack Now! – Komando

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Original Article Here On Friday, May 12, the largest ransomware attack ever recorded began breaking headlines. What started with one unwitting computer user in Europe soon spread to more than 200,000 machines worldwide – ultimately affecting Windows computers in over 150 countries, including South Korea, Germany, China, Japan and Britain. This new strain of ransomware, […]

Artificial intelligence and machine learning: How to invest for the enterprise

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Original Article HereVirtually every enterprise software vendor is creating noise in the market about artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, much of that marketing buzz offers little substance and creates confusion for customers about what’s real. Given this FUD, the challenge for business people is deciding where to invest. [embedded content] Although market confusion is an issue, the […]

VLC WARNING – How HACKERS can take control of your computer, phone with THIS feature – Express.co.uk

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Original Article Here Hackers can take control of your computer, smartphone, tablet or smart TV by manipulating subtitle text files, security company Check Point has claimed. The subtitle files can be manipulated to take control of a wide-range of devices running the hugely-popular VLC media player. Media players Kodi, Popcorn Time and Stremio are also […]

New Trump Executive Order on Cybersecurity: Just the Beginning

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Original Article Here After campaign promises on cyber, months of tough talk about Internet security plans, plenty of anticipation and a missed 90-day deadline to deliver a cybersecurity report, President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order (EO) on cybersecurity this week. The Presidential Executive Order on Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure offers […]

The Insider Threat: New Report Highlights Problems, Recommendations and Resources

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Original Article HereEarlier this month, I was in Washington, D.C., presenting at ISC2’s annual CyberSecureGov Conference, which has become a top-notch federal government cybersecurity event. As I was looking through the agenda after my session, one title grabbed my attention: “Mitigating Insider Threats to our Nation’s Critical Infrastructures.” The presentation, which highlighted new research from […]

Find naming rules for Azure resources

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Original Article Here Q. Are the rules for the naming of Azure resources documented? A. Yes. At https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/architecture/best-practices/naming-conventions#naming-rules-and-restrictions all the rules and restrictions for naming of Azure resources are listed. It is a good idea to create a naming convention for your resources that adhere to these rules and restrictions. This will avoid the chance […]

Microsoft Quietly Patches Another Critical Malware Protection Engine Flaw

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Original Article HereMicrosoft quietly patched a critical vulnerability Wednesday in its Malware Protection Engine. The vulnerability was found May 12 by Google’s Project Zero team, which said an attacker could have crafted an executable that when processed by the Malware Protection Engine’s emulator could enable remote code execution. Unlike a May 9 emergency patch for what Google researchers called the worst Windows […]

Kaspersky to US: Check Our Source Code

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Original Article HereCybersecurity expert Eugene Kaspersky has volunteered to turn over his company’s software source code to allay fears about possible ties with the Russian government, The Australian reported last week. Kaspersky made the offer public at CeBIT Australia. Some U.S. officials have expressed concerns that Kaspersky Lab might have a close working relationship with […]

Mastercard upgrades Masterpass platform in Brazil

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Original Article HereMastercard has brought the second generation of its Masterpass digital payments platform to Brazil. The latest version of the service includes a more responsive design for mobile devices and the ability to recover passwords via SMS or email. Other highlights of the Masterpass platform include automatic digital wallet – a feature that promises […]

British Airways cancels flights after major computer outage – CNET

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Original Article Here Travelers stranded at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5 after British Airways canceled flights due to an IT systems failure. Daniel Leal-Olivas/Getty Images A huge IT meltdown at British Airways caused the airline to cancel all flights out of London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports Saturday, during one of Britain’s busiest holiday weekends. “We are […]

Could the UK be about to break end-to-end encryption? – TechCrunch

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Original Article HereOnce again there are indications the UK government intends to use the law to lean on encryption. A report in The Sun this week quoted a Conservative minister saying that should the government be re-elected, which polls suggest it will, it will move quickly to compel social media firms to hand over decrypted data. The paper quoted an […]

British Airways cancels flights due to 'major IT systems failure'

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Original Article Here British Airways has cancelled flights amidst major IT problems. British Airways has been forced to cancel all flights this afternoon from London airports Heathrow and Gatwick after experiencing a “major IT system failure.” The airline said that problem is also causing “very severe disruption to our flight operations worldwide”. It said the […]

NBlog May 27 – awareness-by-proxy

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Original Article HereOne of the IoT security issues we explore in June’s awareness module is the use of compromised things as platforms for further attacks – for example not just spying on people but spreading malware or launching exploits against corporate systems and networks, including other things.   While the preceding brief paragraph hopefully makes […]

TRUMP SCANDAL! No, not that one. Or that one. Or that one. Or that one.

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Original Article HereHackers target The Donald’s businesses The FBI and CIA are investigating an attempted hack on the Trump Organization. According to a report from ABC citing unnamed officials with the intelligence agencies, it is believed someone overseas attempted to breach the President’s international real estate holding company. The report claims that officials and cybersecurity […]

The risky ROI on municipal broadband

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Original Article Here READ ME The risky ROI on municipal broadband By Susan Miller May 26, 2017 What: “Municipal Fiber in the United States: An Empirical Assessment of Financial Performance,” from the University of Pennsylvania’s Law School and the Center for Technology, Innovation and Competition Why:  Municipalities hoping to attract tech-savvy workers and businesses often […]

Samba vulnerability brings WannaCry fears to Linux/Unix

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Original Article Here Researchers warn that many Linux and Unix systems contain a Samba vulnerability that could eventually lead to attacks similar to WannaCry or worse, if IT pros don’t remediate quickly. According to the Samba security advisory, the vulnerability (CVE-2017-7494) affects versions 3.5 (released March 1, 2010) and newer. The Samba vulnerability is remotely […]

IDG Contributor Network: SD-WANs lost my voice

If there’s one application that brings chills to the hearts of SD-WAN implementers it’s providing a predictable real-time voice service. So let’s talk about how SD-WANs might help. The problem with MPLS and voice We need to separate from the theory of voice and the reality of voice. The theory goes something like this. The […]

​Optus, LifeJourney launch online cybersecurity experience for students – ZDNet

Optus, in partnership with LifeJourney International, has launched an online cyber education program for secondary school, TAFE, and university students, aiming to beef up the country’s ability to defend against cyber threats in the future. The Optus Cyber Security Experience hopes to address the cyber skills shortage in Australia by delivering free online cybersecurity education […]

Analyzing Cyber Insurance Policies

Analyzing Cyber Insurance Policies There’s a really interesting new paper analyzing over 100 different cyber insurance policies. From the abstract: In this research paper, we seek to answer fundamental questions concerning the current state of the cyber insurance market. Specifically, by collecting over 100 full insurance policies, we examine the composition and variation across three […]

Public Workshop – Cybersecurity of Medical Devices: A Regulatory Science Gap Analysis, May 18-19, 2017

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in association with National Science Foundation (NSF) and Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology (DHS, S&T) is announcing the following public workshop entitled “Cybersecurity of Medical Devices: A Regulatory Science Gap Analysis.” The purpose of this workshop is to examine opportunities for FDA engagement with new and ongoing research, […]

China Hacked South Korea Over Missile Defense

Chinese state-backed hackers have recently targeted South Korean entities involved in deploying a U.S. missile-defense system, says an American cybersecurity firm, despite Beijing’s denial of retaliation against Seoul over the issue. In recent weeks, two cyberespionage groups that the firm linked to Beijing’s military and intelligence agencies have launched a variety of attacks against South […]

Robots in the cloud: How robotics-as-a-service can help your business

Anyone who’s familiar with cloud computing might know about software-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, and other “as-a-service” delivery models. But they might be not be aware of the latest iteration: robotics-as-a-service (RaaS). RaaS also leverages the cloud, and makes it possible for organizations to integrate robots and embedded devices into the web and cloud computing environments. This capability […]

Incident Response as “Hand-to-Hand Combat”

NSA Deputy Director Richard Ledgett described a 2014 Russian cyberattack against the US State Department as “hand-to-hand” combat: “It was hand-to-hand combat,” said NSA Deputy Director Richard Ledgett, who described the incident at a recent cyber forum, but did not name the nation behind it. The culprit was identified by other current and former officials. […]

Friday Squid Blogging: Squid from Utensils

MarkH • March 25, 2017 8:15 AM Authoritarian Attitudes Threaten Liberty and Privacy Note: I was inspired to this by some comments on Bruce’s post about commenting … and judged that this squid-post would be more fitting. I apologize for lack of citations, time and energy being limited. Please pardon my America-centered perspective; the US […]

Cybersecurity skills shortage holding steady – Network World

The cybersecurity skills shortage is nothing new—I’ve been writing about it for years, as have other analysts and researchers. I’ve also done countless presentations on this topic. Here’s a video where I’m interviewed on the cybersecurity skills shortage at the RSA Conference a few years ago. I also presented on this topic at the RSA […]

29 vulnerabilities found in top-rated password managers for Android

Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany analyzed nine password managers for Android and found 29 “implementation flaws resulting in serious security vulnerabilities” that could allow data leaks in browser research, privacy issues and password leaks. The apps include LastPass, 1Password, My Passwords, Dashlane Password Manager, Informaticore’s Password Manager, F-Secure KEY, Keepsafe, Keeper and Avast […]

Encryption patent that roiled Newegg is dead on appeal – Ars Technica

Enlarge / A figure from the patent that has been asserted against Intel, Google, and hundreds of other companies providing SSL and TLS on their websites. USPTO reader comments 75 Share this story Patent-holding company TQP Development made millions claiming that it owned a breakthrough in Web encryption, even though most encryption experts had never heard of […]